Diavik: The Diamond......with a story

For diamonds that outshine all others.

The discovery of diamonds in the Northern Territories of Canada in the 1990’s sparked the largest staking rush in world history. It was done the old-fashioned way–in person, with wooden stakes. Helicopter pilots would fly out in often freezing weather, sometimes just feet from the ground. Each stake had to be hammered by hand into the frozen snow and ice.

Companies both big and small vied for land, not knowing exactly which plots contained diamonds and which did not. In one frenzied and auspicious helicopter staking mission a group of small investors, led by Gren Thomas, staked out 50,000 acres under Lac de Gras.

No one at the time knew just how precious that claim would become.

Today, this claim has evolved to become the Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada’s largest diamond mine, a joint venture between Dominion Diamond Corporation and Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group.

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Diavik: The Diamond......with a story

A Mine of Origin programme has been created by Rio Tinto to guarantee that there are no issues over the origin of their diamonds, or the quality of the mine that produced them.

The Mine of Origin programme assures their clients that:
  * Each certified diamond is a natural gem sourced from Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories of Canada.
  * Each Diavik diamond is tracked and segregated from other product streams from the mine to market.
  * Each Diavik diamond is manufactured by a Select Diamantaire.
  * Certified gems are laser-etched with a unique number, traceable to the Rio Tinto Diamonds’ lot number indicating size of original rough.

Solid Gold Diamonds, as exclusive supplier of Diavik Diamonds in Western Australia is proud to be part of this story. Our award-winning jewellery designers and master craftsmen are proud to to be given the opportunity to work with these stunning gems, described by industry experts as ‘the diamonds that outshine all others’, due to their unique crystal structure.

For further information please visit our showroom at 726 Hay Street Mall, Perth, call 9322 7166 or email us to arrange an appointment.

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Flanders Cut Diamonds

The eight sided Flanders Brilliant Cut bears the name of the region where this gorgeous diamond was first polished. Flanders is the Northern Federal region of the Kingdom of Belgium. The capital of Flanders is Antwerp, which is considered to be the world capital of diamonds.

The Flanders Brilliant Cut incorporates the elegance of the Round Brilliant Cut, with additional facets meticulously cut into the gem by Master Cutters creating a diamond of exceptional brilliance.

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Argyle PinkDiamonds

Light and colour; heart and soul; passion and perfection. The quest for the absolute. The mystery of beauty. The promise of happiness. The Argyle pink diamond. Beyond Rare.

Situated in the north east of Western Australia lies the Argyle Diamond mine. Located some 2200km from Perth city, it is the largest producer by volume of natural diamond in the world. This West Australia Mine produces and average of 30-35 million carats of diamonds per year, supplying a quarter of the annual world production.
The Argyle mine is world renowned for its production of Natural coloured Pink Diamonds. Pink Argyle diamonds are known as some of the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. Being the only consistent supply of Natural Pink diamonds of the Argyle diamonds, the Argyle diamond mine currently supplies 90% of the world’s production.

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Argyle PinkDiamonds

Unlike white diamonds, which are graded according to their lack of colour, Argyle Pink diamonds are graded according to their intensity of colour. As a general rule, these Pink Argyle diamonds tend to be more included then white diamonds. It is extremely rare to find a near flawless Argyle Pink Diamond.

The cause of colour in most diamonds is due to trace elements. However, it is thought that their colour of Argyle Pink diamond is caused by the crystal structure. The distorted lattice crystal causes the diamond to absorb light differently and most importantly, reflect different colours. Because of these phenomena, it has been said that Argyle Pink diamonds “blush when you look at them”.

Argyle pink diamonds are graded for their colour in four categories. Listed from the most prized Purple Pink through to the Pink Champagne.

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