Diamond Cuts Overview

The art of diamond cutting has been refined to the extent that one classically cut shape, the ‘round brilliant’, accounts for an estimated 75% of all diamond sales. When you look at its exquisite shape it is easy to see why.

Yet in recent times modern technology has led to the creation of several patented new shapes that claim to reflect even more light than traditional cut diamonds and these ‘fancy cuts’ as they are called are becoming increasingly popular.

In this section you can find out more about the diamonds Solid Gold Diamonds has in stock including our traditional cuts, fancy cuts and two of our origin mines.

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Diamond Cuts Traditional

Round Brilliant Diamond Sets the standard for diamond cuts. Its classic 58-facet cut is divided by its crown, girdle and pavilion to a precisely calibrated formula that is designed to achieve the maximum brilliance.

Oval Diamond A symmetrical design sometimes for rings chosen due to its flattering effect of adding to the length of the hand.

Marquise Diamond An elongated cut reportedly commissioned by the Sun King, Louis XIV and inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompador. This regal diamond that is perfect as a solitaire or with smaller diamonds.

Pear Shaped Diamond A shining teardrop that is best used to create an attractive pendant, stunning earrings or to complement a petite hand.

Heart Shaped Diamond This romantic symbol is created from a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top and the skill of the diamond cutter determines the beauty of the stone.

Emerald Cut Diamond Known as a ‘step cut’ because it resembles a stair shape, the broad flat planes of the Emerald Cut can highlight any flaws, consequently it is important to choose a stone of superior clarity and colour.

Princess Cut Diamond This is a square or rectangular cut that requires a greater depth in order to maximise the potential brilliance of the stone.

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Diamond Cuts Fancy Cuts

Tycoon Cut Diamond™ The Tycoon Cut is known within the industry as ‘The diamond with a diamond on top’. This is due to its innovative, simple design with nine crown facets and 20 step-cut pavilion facets. The classic emerald shape is retained but the added facets release the ‘fire’ from within the diamond. Internationally recognised for it’s ability to reflect up to 30% more light, the Tycoon Cut is one of the most stunning advances in diamond cutting to occur in the past decade. We recommend the Tycoon Cut as the perfect alternative to a Princess Cut or Emerald Cut diamond.

Flanders Brilliant Cut Diamond™ The eight sided Flanders Brilliant Cut bears the name of the region where this gorgeous diamond was first polished. Flanders is the Northern Federal region of the Kingdom of Belgium, the capital of Flanders is Antwerp, which is considered to be the world capital of diamonds. The Flanders Brilliant Cut incorporates the elegance of the Round Brilliant Cut, with additional facets meticulously cut into the gem by Master Cutters creating a diamond of exceptional brilliance.

The 88 Cut Diamond™ The perfect symmetry of this shape realises a long held diamond- cutting dream to create a shape with an increased number of facets whilst retaining the beauty of a balanced table size. Without this inherent equilibrium in the design new diamonds cuts can create a ‘disco-ball’ effect that actually diminishes the stone’s ability to reflect light rather than enhancing it. The 88 Cut™ is rare in that it is one of the new-breed of diamond cuts that delivers on its promise.

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Diamond Cuts Origins

Diavik Diamonds The Diamond with a Story  Natural. Sustainable. Canadian. To own a Diavik diamond, is to become part of a truly remarkable story. Not only will you possess a beautiful, natural Canadian diamond, but also be assured of its origin. A unique code is etched onto the diamond enabling our clients to identify the source of their diamond.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Beyond Rare  Light and colour; heart and soul; passion and perfection. The quest for the absolute. The mystery of beauty. The promise of happiness. The Argyle pink diamond. Beyond Rare. Situated in the north east of Western Australia lies the Argyle Diamond mine. Located some 2200km from Perth city, it is the largest producer by volume of natural diamond in the world. This West Australia Mine produces and average of 30-35 million carats of diamonds per year, supplying a quarter of the annual world production.
The Argyle mine is world renowned for its production of Natural coloured Pink Diamonds. Pink Argyle diamonds are known as some of the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. Being the only consistent supply of Natural Pink diamonds of the Argyle diamonds, the Argyle diamond mine currently supplies 90% of the world’s production.

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